If you’ve ever been on a magic carpet ride through the tunnels of the great outdoors while listening to the soothing sax sounds of the great Kenny G and savoring the flavorful morsels of cookies and cream iced cream, then you may know what to expect at howtotakecareofakitten.com.

Make no mistake, we will pull no punches.  You will have no actual idea what is going on.  And that’s the way we like it.

What exactly is howtotakecareofakitten.com?  Well, we can tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with kittens.  Or cats.  Or any felines for that matter.  Actually, it may have something to do with kittens.  But not in the sense of teaching you how to take care of your kittens.  You should leave that to the professionals at howtotakecareofakitten.org.  (We’re not sure if that website exists, but you’re more than welcome to check it out for yourself.)

What we’re trying to say is that we don’t know what this site is about.  And neither do you.